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★ Secretary-sama must-see ★ ~ ☆ Group plan private plan appeared! (Sunday) ☆

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Secretary who is planning a banquet / charter party near Shibuya station! Information on ears is the Onza! At our shop, we can organize a customized plan tailored to your request.Customize the contents of the course according to a wide usage scene ♪ Custom width that can be customized ... Depends on customer ※ Date and time of use ※ Used budget ※ Participants ※ Based on the content you want to plan on the phone Please consult.

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【BVG Custom Plan One day example】

~ Young employees who like meat achievement meeting edition ~

"Flow of reservation"

1. First let's organize the contents!

Mr. Secretary "This time we want to do a project achievement meeting with 20 people.There are many young children, and everyone would like to eat meat rather than vegetables.

The budget is 6000 yen per person, it is better to have all you can drink.After recent topic of "instant shine" specific be there When you glad it seems to me Do ♪ demonstration "

2. If the contents come out to a certain extent, please call first!

Let's share the content of your preference with our custom planner and let's decide the content of the course!

3. We will contact you for confirmation a few days before and on the previous day.Please contact us in advance if there is a change in the content or the number of people.

4. Come on! Let's get down to the delicious meat on the day!

"Course content of the day - example -"

· Raw ham salad

· Horse tartar

· American flies

· Lobster Splatter ☆

· Glass fed beef (with Tasmanian mustard) ☆☆

· T-BONE STEAK (T bone steak) ★★★

· TomahawkSteak (Tomahawk Steak) ★★★★

· Garlic rice


☆ ... female uke Good point

★ ... "The Instant Sculpture Must See" Point

(We recommend it based on our own standards.)

In this way it is possible to build up custom party plans that all participants are very satisfied!

Instead of T - Bourne, incorporate limited ramlack, raise Tomahawk steak with two swords to an instant, how to enjoy infinite!

Provided in the state of lump meat at the time of offering It is also possible to cut "in front of you" ♪

Well then

★ Even if you bring in your favorite sake or champagne etc ♪ It is OK at all ♪

(We do not receive something like the common "bring-in fee"!)

Secretary who is planning a charter party, banquet etc!

Please do not hesitate to talk to our shop freely first ♪

Representative: Nakamura

2018/12/21 update